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Dr. Andy Bloom: Pastor of Central Baptist Church and President of Ocala Christian Academy

Mr. Josh Henderson: Central Baptist Church Youth Pastor; CIA

Mr. Randy Osborne: School Administrator

Mr. Ron Carpenter: High School Principal; Athletic Director; Varsity Baseball Coach

Mrs. Sharon Loyd: Elementary Principal; Guidance Counselor 

Elementary Faculty

Mrs. Sandy Woods: K-3

Mrs. Kimberly Savage: K-4

Mrs. Amy Payne

Mrs. Katie Henderson: 4th Grade; JV Volleyball Coach

Mrs. Lisa Land: K-5; Early Birds

Miss Naomi Garcia: 1st Grade

Mrs. Bonnie Artman: 1st Grade; Varsity Softball Coach

Mrs. Shirley Carpenter: 2nd Grade

Mrs. Angie Sutton: 2nd Grade; Varsity Girls Basketball Coach

Mrs. Deanne Day: 3rd Grade

Mrs. Emilea Litchfield: 3rd/4th/5th Grade

Mrs. Lauren Gall: 4th Grade

Mrs. Lauren Castillo: 5th Grade; Assistant Var. Basketball Coach

Mrs. Brittany Luiken: 5th Grade; Safety Patrol Supervisor

Secondary Faculty

MMrs. Ginny Banks: 6th Grade 

Mrs. Emily Bloom: Art

Mrs. Judy Helinski: 6th Grade 

Mrs. Elisabeth Reffner: 7th/8th Grade Math; Spanish

Mrs. Dawn Andrews: Algebra; Geometry; Sign Language; 7th/8th Football

Mrs. Stephanie Cumbie: 9th-12th English; Counseling

Mr. Dale Jackson: 8th-12th History; Business Math; Varsity Football Coach

Mr. Aaron Overholtz: 7th History; 6th-8th Boys PE; HOPE; Flag Football Coach; 5th/6th Boys Basketball Coach

Miss Kellen Colbert: Elementary PE; HOPE; 7th/8th Girls PE; Varsity Volleyball Coach; 7th/8th Girls Basketball Coach

Mr. Kevin Stembridge: 7th/8th/10th English; Drama/Speech

Mr. David Hyslop: 9th - 12th Science; Extended Care

Mr. Ruben Castillo: 10th-12th Bible; IT & Computer

Mr. David Walden: 7th – 9th Bible; Assistant Varsity Football Coach

Mrs. Kristan Walden: 7th-8th Science; Family Living; 5th/6th Grade Volleyball

Miss Ariel Mills: Elementary Music; High School Chorus

Miss Britany Mills: Substitute Floater

Office Staff

Mrs. Kay Mills: Office Administrator; Bookkeeper

Mrs. Grace Etheredge: Records Clerk

Miss Allison Forsyth: Athletic Director

Mrs. Karen Hyslop, RN; School Nurse

Mrs. Bettye Liberty: Church Secretary; Fine Arts

Mrs. Kari Elder: High School Secretary

Mrs. Robin Pierce: ACSI Coordinator

Mrs. Alene Twigg: Accounts Receivable Clerk

Mrs. Mary Ann Bedford: Secretary

Mrs. Linda Mikell: Teacher Aide

Mrs. Lydia Pierce

Extended Care Staff

Mr. David Hyslop: Supervisor

Cafeteria Staff

Mrs. Bonnie Bloom: Supervisor 

Mrs. Tricia Knapp

Mrs. Juanita Touchton

Jessica Guinn; Chearleading

Maintenance Staff

Mr. Butch Etheredge: Ministries Coordinator; Maintenance Director; Varsity Golf Coach

Mr. David Gall; Assistant JV Football Coach

Mr. Dave Homan

Mr. Ernie Mikell; Transportation Director

Mr. Dave Smith

Mr. John Voges

School Board

Mr. Jerry Sheffield: Chairman

Mr. Terry Loyd

Mr. Paul Bloom: Secretary 

Mr. Ralph Weakland

Mr. Bill Woods

Mr. Randy Osborne

Mr. Ron Carpentor

Mrs. Sharon Loyd


Mrs. Christy Culver 

Mrs. Christine Phelps


Miss Katie Sutton

Mrs. Deborah Scrambling

Mrs. Lydia Pierce: Chorus Pianist 

Miss Aniko Banfe

Mrs. Cindy Thompson


Mr. P.H. Culver                                     Mr. Mark Hopper

Mrs. Kathy Forsyth                               Mrs. Diane Hopper

Mr. Tim Forsyth                                    Mrs. Lisa Nelson

Mrs. Ellen McDermitt                             Miss Mary Roberts

Mrs. Eby